Nero9 and Vista64

Nero 9 has been out for a couple of weeks now and I am looking for an honest opinion on Nero 9 running on a Vista64 Ultimate install – the good and the bad stories that anyone might have.



There may be additional threads but I participated in the following and there was agreement among several long-term members that this product was released with problems.

Regarding your post, I don’t think the issue for people is Vista (or any flavor of Vista). The issue is that Nero 9 has too many problems and Nero should have foreseen these issues.

I purchased the boxed version of Nero 9 ( and have not encountered any issues on Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I have imported video and burned a few DVD’s and CD’s and all seems well…


Boy did I make a BIG MISTAKE!! buying Nero 9 without trialing it then finding out the hard way that it causes the windows installer to fail so many times — because whomever wrote the installer code for the latest version — has it telling windows to create a system restore point at every app install ---- and after 40 minutes of hitting the close button 76X times on the windows alerts that the installer is failing and do I want to tell microsoft and abort — the grueling install reportedly according to the Nero installer finishes — only to find out what it does install does not work and is not uninstallable
forcing a format and re-install of my operating system ie" Vista 64 Ultimate

I found out I was not alone after the fact

Before I could contest my cc payment to Ahead for the upgrade they had my $$ as the transaction was processed in licki-ty split time…

The moral of the story STOP buying ANY NERO products and let the market put this sh-i-t-ty software company out of business!!