Nero7012+benq1620 = burned knife cut in DVD

Not sure what happened. Just as nero finished it did not eject the dvd like it normally does. I hit the button a couple of times. Finally it got ejected. I looked at the surface. INCREDIBLE! perfect knife cut straight from hole to outer edge. Near the “hole” was a sploott. not sure what to call it, but the laser must have been left on while I was trying to eject the cd and it burned a nasty hole in the media before it made that straight line to the edge.

Upgraded to

Went to that firmware flash page and found my BENQ DW1640 flash was really out of date. I had B7H9, first release, and it was about 8 or so revs back. New firmware was B7W9 Maybe that will fix the problem???

Never had this happen before, hope it doesnt ever again. I burned a lot of -R and some +R but this is a first.

EEK. I doubt updating your firmware would help. I woudn’t recommend burning anything else just incase it causes a fire. I would get it RMA’d.

You have a pic of the disc?

Most probably this was caused by defective media. Updating to latest firmware is a good idea though. :wink:

What type of media was used (manufacturer+ID).

Oh man. Don’t we have some type of requirement that you have to post of pic of something this cool? :cool: