Nero7 - Possible Project Recovery



Hi all,

A friend of mine was in the process of burning multiple slide shows (approx. 1 GB) of pics on a DVD.

Nero froze and, with dread, he was forced to power down his laptop after HOURS of preparation.

He never got the chance to actually save the project since it froze during the burning process. My question is - was/is there ANY possible way he could have salvaged the project?

More specifically, does Nero automatically save a project for possible “freezing” situations? If so, where can these files be located?

Any help will greatly be appreciated.


PS: He explained to me that he was using a Dell 600m laptop to burn his projects. I actually suggested that he should invest in a more robust desktop for his multi-media projects. Would you have suggested this option as well?


I doubt you can salvage the project. Once it’s loss, it’s practically lost for good unless the project was saved before burning the process. I have made a few home made projects for some friends when Nero 6 crashed during the burning process, everything was lost. Had to start over from beginning. I would also suggest the same to avoid doing multimedia projects on a laptop. He’s better off building a desktop with plenty of ram and a fast cpu like the core 2 duo for encoding. Besides that, most laptops only run 4200 and 5400 rpm hard drives and that makes the read time for them a real bottleneck. I’ve tried 7200 rpm hard drives for laptops and they don’t make much more of a difference. I would avoid doing large multimedia projects on laptops at all costs if possible.


I thought it be lost for good. And, you’re right - I told him to get a desktop that can handle multi-media projects. He just purchased one (and I have to help him put it together).
Thanks for your reply - greatly appreciated!

PS: Temporarily stolen – hilarious!