Nero7 Major Change Is Here in A Week or Two

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Friday, September 1st, 2006
Nero’s Major Update To Nero 7 Software Suite Supports The Complete Digital Lifestyle
10:43 AM CST Posted By: Ian
Nero has announced a major update to its Nero 7 software suite. This update supports a number of new features including the ability to encode video for portable devices and stream video to the Xbox 360.
Nero, leaders in digital media technology, unveiled details today of a major worldwide update to its premier Nero 7 digital media software suite. This latest version includes more than 21 applications, with features that enable the efficient transfer of audio and video files to mobile phones and the streaming of live TV and other content to a Windows® Media Center Edition PC or Xbox 360™. The update will be available at retail stores and online ( in September 2006. Current Nero 7 customers will be able to download the update from the website free of charge at that time.

Nero 7 is the industry-leading all-in-one solution for the management of data, audio, video, photo, and TV content. In addition to easily managing their digital files from the comfort of their living rooms, users can now create compelling entertainment experiences that can be enjoyed outside of the house.
According to sources at Nero, this update should be available for download near the middle of September. Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as it is. In the mean time, Nero’s entire press releae can be found here.

The following is comment from Nero Rep in USA about new Nero Maor Upgrade version posted in

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my long absence. Till I get a replacement for my OEM Tech Manager, I’m doing two jobs and time is something I was already lacking before taking on this extra work.

Yes, Nero is a leaked Beta release. This is a precursur to our Nero 7 Ultra Editoin ‘Enhanced’ release due to ship in the stores on Sept. 1st, and be available on the website by Sept. 15th.

The difference in time between the two is due to the need for Retail to be shipped by a ceratian date, and the fact that we could not get all the changes we wanted in the build by Sept 1st.

You will find significant changes and improvements. And yes, like the Nero 6.6 release, this will be a free update for existing Nero 7 users.

We could not charge for an update, when Nero 7 was not yet where we wanted it to be, which is what we’ve stated from the first release of Nero 7.

You will see a definate change in the update process, and I’m sure you’ll be elated to see the changes we made in the Nero ProductSetup window.