Nero7 Http connection could not be established


I try NERO 7 updateproduct but keep getting “http connection could not be established”

Any suggestions, I have try it on several computers and get the same results

Same problem here. I don’t think Nero has actually set up the update system yet. Wish they would hurry and do it. It is kind of a pain downloading 100+ mb files, even on fast DSL.

I wrote to their tech support about this and got this answer.

Update your Nero Products is not available yet unfortunately.

Not really the answer I was looking for and didn’t give me too good an impression (after they were quite happy to take my money). I would think they could have given a bit more information than that since they do have that function already there (and then it goes through the process, then doesn’t work). It kind of leaves people hanging. It would have been nice if they would have at least given some projection of when it would be working. Guess the tech support dude was in a hurry to go on his coffee break or something.

I sure liked the way Nero 6 updated. When installing the update, there would be a message showing what version you had and what version you would be updating to. Currently with Nero 7, you have to install each update just like you would do it from scratch. Hopefully when that new update function does finally work, it will be better.

Thanks for the update !