Nero7 express problems



First of all I am not a tekkie. Secondly I am having trouble creating a slide show on nero 7 express.

Having just returned from 3 weeks in Spain I have a boatload of images that I want to create into a slide show with music. It looks like I am limited to 99 slides per chapter (I have over 2,500). I know it sounds obsessive but I would like to have all 2,500 in one show. I have created 31 chapters with between 18 and 150 slides per.

The problem comes when I save my project, the program says the project is saved, but when I try to reopen it, the programs claims my saved file cannot be found. Plus, can I combine chapters to make one continuous slide show or am I limited to a max of 99 slides and then have to manually start a new chapter?

Am I making sense?



Are you using NeroVision 4 for your slide show?

As I understand it, you are limited to 99 slides with a menu. I have not tried it, but you can make a slide show without a menu which may allow for all you slides at once.

If you make them is chapters, or titles, you can change the navigation to go from one to the next, or back to a main menu when finished. Look on the Edit Menu or Select Menu page under the MORE button.

Nero doesn’t move or copy the original files when doing a project. If you move them, it won’t be able to continue, until after the project is burned. Also, in case you did not see it, you can add the original files to the DVD for archiving and a couple of other choices.


thanks for the info. I will continue the struggle. I’m beginning to think I may chuck the whole thing and go by an Apple. Understand their machines are made for projects like mine.

Thanks again.