Nero7 & DVD Shrink 3.2

Hi…Can anyone tell me if trading up to Nero 7 is worth the change from 6.6? Also; Will Shrink automatically burn with Nero7 the way it did with 6.6?
Thanking you in anticipation :slight_smile:

HELL NO!!! Version 7 is a buggy POS!!! Can’t tell you how many people I have talked to who have regretted the upgrade.

Yes, Nero 7 should still work with DVD Shrink. Regardless, you can always use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to burn automatically from DVD Shrink as well, and they are free.

Regarding 7 vs. 6.6, I’ve heard both good and bad of 7. I guess the question is, what do you use Nero for? If you are basically just using it to burn DVD Video discs from DVD Shrink, you don’t need Nero at all as I mentioned. In terms of the other integrated programs with Nero, someone else would be better at describing the changes. I’m still happy with Nero 6.6, although I only use the burning program and Recode on occasion.

Thanks for your help, guys…I’ll stick with 6.6!

I couldn’t desagree more. I upgraded to Nero 7 premium (with a CD bought in a store) and find DVD burning much more reliable than before (with the whole 6. family). I have friends who could tell you exactly the same.
I haven’t worked enough with the rest of programs included in Nero 7 premium suite to say whether improve the former or not, but I thing that they are the same at the very least.
So I recomend upgrading. Absolutely.


I hear of so many problems with Nero 7 that I’m sticking to 6.6 for now.

Shrink will still work BUT will not , according to posts on this forum, automatically burn with Nero anymore. This is not a problem other than you then have to handle the burning process yourself.

Hi Hidalgo,
(Love the name, by the way…the horse “spearing” incident in the film brought a tear to my eyes, though…) What version number do you have? Retailers in Oz are charging around the AUS$120 mark…Is the improvement that much worth it…I can afford it, if you reckon the software has made major advances. Thanks for your input.

Okay- thanks TimC…
I value everyone’s input but am now petrified of making any changes. Being that the software will cost me around AU$120 I’d be better spending that on pizzas for my late night net binges!

The burning problem is surely a reaction to the updates burn-engine…

Hi chef
I’m so silly sometimes! I finally realised what the underlined sections in your post mean!
I’ve downloaded Cd Identifier…might help me with my external USB box problem…
As some of us in Australia say…“Ta muchly” (Thanks a lot!)
I like the Klingon reference…Trek fan too? (You must be…only smart people are Trekkers…)

Everyone started as a newbie… so helping out newbies is what everyone experienced should try to do.

I’m kinda Star Trek fan, but honestly just since Enterprise, but now I’m choking more and more from ST. :wink:

I really like Enterprise, especially the latest saga episodes however, like many other fans in Aus, I am forced to wait forvever for rare late night screenings on one of our free-to-air networks that aren’t all that schedule-friendly towards Trekkers.
When you say choke do you mean that you have seen too much Trek stuff on your local tv?
If this isn’t so then, if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend that you go and rent season 2 of the original series. if you can look past the poor effects (remember that it was made in the late 60s)and props you might be very pleasantly surprised by what you see and hear.
p.s. Am I allowed to extend this thread this way or am I disobeying forum rules?

pm’d. :wink:

pm’d ??? (no comprende) :confused:

I sent you a pm. :wink: > private message

stroppy, enterprise was cancelled. First time in many years there is no new Star Trek program on TV.

OK, I hope this goes not too much OT now, but look forward to the new ST movie. :wink:

I know…what a bummer!
It really makes me wonder about the mentality of network execs. Not all t.v. can be reality crap or teenage soapies…yuck!!! Try watching Aussie t.v. for a while and you’ll know what I mean. Oh well…maybe down the track Star Trek can reinvent itself and people can learn to think whilst they watch t.v.
Thanks Strachan-

YESSSSSS! That’s why I suggest “time-travelling”, even ‘the high command denies it’s existence’ (Command T’Pol). lol

Depending on how nero 7 is to be used my opinion differs. Over all I think it is an improvement, BUT I have seen it in action utilizing the multiple burners feature. In the instance that I saw 2 LG’s 16x were used for a standard image burn. This took some 20 odd minutes. On the same machine nero 6.6 took only 13 minutes for the same test with the same image file with only 2 Gigabyte burners at 4x. Go figure.