Nero7 crashes, doesnt even start!

i installed nero7
and look what happends just after i click the nero burning rom icon.

this thing doesnt even start!

I got a barton3200,asus a7n8x-E,sata,and a pioneer 109 burner.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve got no problems at all so far.
Did you d/l your version? If so maybe some error there.

It’s a known bug or new security from Nero. Did you open up Nero Express first and then shortly opened up Nero Burning Rom? Nero Express puts in a registry entry that causes Rom to crash. To solve it without having to make any changes in your registry, reset everything to default in Nero Burning Rom each time you open Nero Express. This bug or security measure occurs across all versions of Nero 7, whether it be retail or a downloaded version. It especially occurs if you have installed a prior version of Nero that has been pirated. At times cleaning your registry of all Nero entries helps, other times a complete formatting of your harddrive is required first.

From what I’ve read, Nero is aware of this problem and is working on it.

Seems to be more of a problem for those running Windows XP Pro SP2.

if you have got the cd try uninstalling it and reinstall it if you donwloaded it remove it and then reload it


Hi :slight_smile:
NScythe’s info is correct. I have duplicated problem.
See the reults of a registry scan after creating problem.

Hi :slight_smile:
For those of you who haven’t encountered this problem. Avoid trying to duplicate unless your confident that you can edit your registry manually, as well as directories. Auto reg editors still leave some entries behind, if not seen as invalid. Otherwise you could find formating your drive is the only alternative, (I did not need to result to this)if you wish to continue using Nero 7.
I have the CD. So I could rule out any problem with d/l.

My guess is that you are using a pirate downloaded version. Im not sure what im allowed to say, so I will give you 1 word.


'nuff said.

i got proper, and i cleaned the registry and no luck, also used registry mechanic.

Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t know what to say gcmospeada. Is the registry mechanic registered. To have full functions it needs to be. Even then you need to do somethings manually.
Everything works fine for me now. I can’t even duplicate your problem anymore. I’m guessing but as I didn’t initially uninstall a previous version, that I had [(oem) had updated from net]. But 2nd time around had clean install.

[B]Many many people have reported the Nero Burning ROM abend. There are also other issues that have not been addressed as follows:

  1. Nero Vision Express has a sync problem where the video doesn’t match the audio.

  2. New burned audio CDs have skips.

Reverted back to V6 and the above problems go away !!!

I think the best thing to do is always format if all else fails. Going back to the Nero 6 is also a good idea. Otherwise, if you’re not comfortable with tinkering the registry, wait until Nero 7 is officially released, and it matures a bit more. Lately, Nero has produced really buggy revisions. For example, I can never get Nero Recode (any version) to properly back up CSS Encrypted movies after using DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD, etc… It’s odd that supposedly the same author of Shrink developed Recode. Shrink has always been much more flexible and compatible for me even though it’s not as fast and as rich in quality as Recode. Recode works better for non css movies in my humble opinion.

Is there any reason to install Nero 7 at all?
I am wondering whether to upgrade after reading all the problems you have described as I have Nero Vision 3 (one of the latest versions).

is the gui final as it looks weird and inconsistent in use of colour?

have had the same problem with crashing…lol that is what i get for bootleg copies

My guess is that you are using a pirate downloaded version.

nah, this runs awsome… cough_cough

Seem to recall when they moved from V5 > V6 the initial V6 release was jacked. Need to wait for a couple of months to work out all the bugs would be my guess.

The best way to clean the registry is to use the tool on the Nero website.

That will remove all entries :slight_smile:

The ONLY registry tools are for version 5 or 6. This will not solve any V7 issues…

Use the general cleanup tool, rather than the ones specifically targeted for versions 5 and 6.

  1. Also does not recognize (or burn) Lightscribe.