Hello, I am hoping someone can help me out. I have upgraded to the newest version of Nero 6. The problem comes up when I try to use the Nero Backitup software.

I am running Windows ME, and have a Panasonic (Mashita) LF-D311 internal DVD burner with A112 Firmware. The DVD drive is configured for drive F (Removable Disk) and drive H (Compact Disk).

When it comes time to back up my selected files, I put a DVD-RAM disk in the drive, and select back up. Nero wants to burn to drive H, but does not recognize that there is a disk in the drive. The DVD-RAM is only recognized as a removable disk. I cannot change to drive H.

I have been successful backing up my drive with a DVD-R, but would prefer to use a DVD-RAM disk so I can just keep updating that disk and not have to waste a disk every time.

Any suggestions as to how I can either a.) Get Nero to recognize drive F or b.) Reformat the DVD-RAM to be recognzable in drive H.


I have researched this and think I have the answer (in case anyone else has the same problem). It seems many programs do not support DVD-RAM media with the LF-D310 drive (I bought my drive on Ebay, thinking it was a 311). The only way to back up files using a DVD-RAM disk with the 310 is to use Explorer, then drag-n-drop the files onto the drive.