Nero6 - Suite 3 - $8 Shipped




Came across this deal for Nero 6 - Suite 3 (has all the good stuff) for $8 shipped from:

Now - That is a good deal-



Nero Suite 6.3 New vision DVD/CDRW Software w/Serial $3.99 shipped.^2FCDRW%20Software%20w^2FSerial
Now that’s a better deal.


Yo pipemanid-

Yup - that is a good deal - however in reading the fine print - it looks forever like Suite 1 instead of Suite 3 (I don’t see “BackITup” “Recode2” “Showtime”, etc)-



Exact same product. Every shop in Silicon Valley and surrounding area has these.



OK - if you say so - however there are different Nero Suites for sale in Silicon Valley-




OK - if you say so - however there are different Nero Suites for sale in Silicon Valley-and there was a Nero 6.3 - as there is currently a Nero 6.6-



I haven’t seen NERO 6.6.x.x OEM for sale by anyone yet. Maybe the retail version but that isn’t $3.99 or $8.00. There are two different version of the OEM version out,one with all the goodies and one with just the basics.
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My bad-

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This is a pretty good deal on retail version 6.3 ultra at compusa. There is a $20 rebate though. Penny shipping. LINK


If you read the rebate offer, it requires the use of a full retail version of a number of competitive products or Nero 5.5 (Retail).


It’s obvious the versions Surplus Computers & Tech Sunny are selling are two different versions. Surplus Computers is selling Suite 3 and Tech Sunny is selling the inferior Suite 1. Surplus Computers specifically states that their version supports SVCD & DVD-video. Tech Sunny specifically states their version does NOT support SVCD & DVD-video.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can only buy the Suite 3 Surplus Computers is selling with the purchase of hardware.


The only obvious thing is that no one knows for sure. The best way to solve this perplexing problem is to buy one of each and report back. I learned a long time ago to not trust what you see advertised. I would volunteer to buy them, but I have 6 copies of NERO in it’s various versions and really don’t need any more.