Nero6 - Some Mp3s wont burn but others will



Trying to make audio cd’s I found out some mp3’s won’t burn, while most of them will…!! any suggestions??



Are there any DRM issues involved? Have you checked the properties on the mp3s to see if there is a difference between the ones that will and will not burn? Could some of them be corrupted?


Did you check to see if you can play those Mp3 that you couldn’t burn? If you can’t play them or they sound scratchy then you have most likely bad mp3 conversion and corrupted the mp3 file. Also did you make sure you don’t have a rootkit installed into your computer?


Thank you for your prompt reply

Can’t see any difference between mp3’s but I can see a couple won’t run on a PC with different players… so, they are corrupted… since they were from a p2p site it’s not hard to find corruptes files… this tracks are part of some LP’s so I didn’t listen all…

Sorry I didn’t double check before posting… but, do you know if there is a program to check mp3’s… something like a GSpot for mp3’s?