Nero6 problems

Hi I,m anewbie when it comes to burning. I have a Dell xps Tpen3,still running 98se. I just installedMemorex 8x dual format dvd burner which comes bundled with Nero 6. That is one reason why I chose Memorex. Everything installed fine,device mgr. is ok.I even burned a dvd back up files. I download music form walmart,and tried to burn my first cd-r and it statesmusic is protected cannot be processed. I even downloaded the wma plugin. Don’t know what to do should I uninstall windows media player? I’m glad that I found this forum, I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


The Nero WMA plug-in is probably not installed properly. Please try installing the latest version of Nero from the Nero web site and plug-in the Memorex serial number.

You can find the Memorex serial number in the Nero StartSmart. Just click on the Nero button in the upper left hand corner of the Nero StartSmart. In this window you should see a serial number tab. Click tab to display your number.

With this install you will not need the WMA plug-in.



Hi Darrick, your reply has almost solved my problem also of playing my protected downloaded music with Nero, the only problem I now have is whenever I open a WMA protected file in Nero I get the error message “plug-in loading error!” however when I click on “o.k” the file proceeds to play as desired until the next song initializes when it pops up the error box again. Any suggestions…

I am using Nero but have installed updated the Media Player to

Thanks Plough

update: i have just popped in a bog standard audio cd in cd player and same prob occurs

Well I solved the problem somehow, not quite sure how. I uninstalled all nero components/upgrades/plugins etc… and started again from scratch in logical or requested order and whalla!!! I can once again enjoy ALL my music, protected or otherwise through Nero as it sounds utter rubbish in WMP. I have no desire to burn it though Nero as I can do that through WMP with the Nero plugin, so all is well.