Nero6 latest burn speed shown for cd's on my pio106d?

never saw this before in nero.

my pioneer dvr-106d dvd-+rw has a burn speed capped at 16x for cdr’s.

when i look in nero i see it shows the speeds of the following 28x (4,200kb/s) and 15x (2,250kb/s) and 7x (1,050kb/s).

i assume these correspond to dvd rewrite speeds but this was not the case when i first installed nero 6.00.3 from the disc they sent me. was this changed in last build or could this be the result of my flashing the firmware to the latest build pioneer has out now version 1.07?

when it is showing dvd r’s it shows correct speeds.

also infotool shows correct speeds based on disc type put in so is this a bug or is it a change in nero because it definetly was NOT like that in earlier builds.