Nero6 i/o error

PC details

Celeron 1.2
Winxp prof.
Nero 6
LG CD 52x24x52x

while trying to make image or write a cd using nero 6 I am getting an I/O error and terminating the process.
I am confused tounderstand the trouble, whether it is of the Nero, or LG writer driver or XP? CD writer driver is automatically taken from xp and not installed separately.

suggestion invited


It would help if you’d mention the Nero version you’re using. If you’re running an older version it’s worth upgrading to the latest version, Does that work?

Ps. Welcome to the forum :wink:

Hi, thank you for replying

My Nero Version is

After some trial and error process, I have managed to write cd using the same installation.

Thanks again