Nero6 dvd burn speed problem

i am using nero6 and visionexpress 3 both latest versions when i am burning a dvd using nve or burning rom the burn speed will not let me choose any higher than 2.4x why . i am using a lg gsa 2164d burner which can write alot quicker than this any ideas

If I understand it correctly, the drive’s firmware looks at the disc and tells Nero what speed to burn with. Assuming you have not limited it yourself, can you do a drive check somewhere to check the media or media check, whatever might work?

Is your media rated for faster than 2.4x? Have you checked for any firmware updates for your burner? Have you tried a different type of media?

If you can find a NeroHistory log, you might post it, after you have removed your serial number.

thanks for your reply i have tryed a different make of dvd+r disc and nero is now offering 2 speeds 4x and 8x this seems to be ok for copying. looked for new firmware but cannot find any for my burner lg gsa 2164d

Drives are also limited by the type of media. It may not be able to burn a DVD+R at the same speed as a DVD-R or DVD+RW, but you should have that information with your drive.