Nero6-Can't manually select burn speeds?

I just upgraded to Nero 6 and bought a DVD burner. I have an older system which can’t support burning at the fastest speeds. In the past (with my CDRW drive) I could use the drop-down speed menu in the burn screen to select a slower than maximum speed and I’d be fine. With this new drive (Liteon 451) and Nero6 that same drop-down menu only gives me the choice of the fastest possible burning speed for the media present. Can anyone tell me how I can get this combination to burn at slower speeds like I used to?

Are you trying to burn DVD media? DVD media cannot always be burned at all possible speeds, for instance 4x DVD+R media can often not be burned at 1x or 2,4x. So I don’t think your problem is related to Nero. Nero just shows you which recording speeds are available, judging from the information it receives from the drive (and the inserted media).

Ahh… after experimenting a bit this does seem to be the case. It’s interesting, however, that even with CDR media this drive gives me less burn speed options than my own LiteOn CD-RW drive.

As far as DVD burning goes, think there’s any hope of finding media anymore that will allow burning at 1x??? Even at 2X, the buffer underrun protection is kicking in an awful lot (which I think is not too good) and I don’t see a system upgrade happening right away.