Nero6 - BIU: mismatched NBI files

I have a couple of BackItUp jobs that are no longer working; i.e., the incremental jobs will start but not archive any additional files. I notice a couple of odd possible symptoms.

In one case, looking at the archive files created by the job, I see an Inc8 and an Inc9 directory, but I see no corresponding Inc8.nbi file. In the other case, I also see the Inc8 and Inc9 directories, but I do not see the Inc9.nbi file.

How could this have happened, and is there a way to correct it? (… As if to restore or manually copy the Inc8 & Inc9 uncompressed files back delete there instances of Inc8 and Inc9 on the archive drive and in BIU … And the jobs would take over from there??? …)

Also … I had been discussing this problem with Craig Campbell who had been a frequent contributor here, but haven’t been able to contact him recently.

TIA, and cheerios :slight_smile: