Nero6 audio cd & normalize filter

whats the difference between “rms” and “maximum” ?
which one of em is generally better and whats recommended to put at “percent” or the default “percent” setting is good enough ?

thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard!

RMS stands for “root main square”. You can consider this RMS value as an average volume of the whole track. The other method, normalizing just the peaks, acts more as an unbalanced way of turning down the volume. RMS acts according to what we hear, peak just modifies the overall volume so that not a single frame has a volume over (for example) 0dB.

For the best results, you should use the RMS option.

If you want to read more in this subject, please let me know. I quite like the following explanation: It is the manual of a Linux normalization program, but it explains pretty well (in a short and understandable way) how these two techniques work.

Just wanted to try Nero’s normalizing feature (I usually use other apps to normalize my compilations).

So I go to the “filter” page, and get instantly confused .

What the hell is this “percentage” setting??? :confused:

I understand very well what is an RMS normalizing process, but I totally fail to see how it can be set in percentage: percentage of what? LOL

Why did’nt they go for a standard, comprehensive LEVEL setting, in good old decibels?

Can someone explain this percentage setting?

Does it mean 50% = -3db from the max 0db, 25% = -6db from the max 0db etc…???