Nero5 error reading burned CD

Hi All,

My name is Steve Vaglica, and I live in Newton, MA, a few miles west of Boston. I’ve been using an external Archos Mini CD read/write burner mainly to back up data files for a couple of months with no problems. The drive came bundled with AHead Nero5, version , which I’m using to burn the CDs.

I recently mailed a couple of CDs I had burned to some friends, and discovered that their systems couldn’t read them. Before I mailed out the newly burned CDs I made sure I could read the files off them with my internal read only CDRom drive, and had no problems. One of my friends thinks that there is some sort of security file on the CD that has info on me and my system. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Perhaps it’s a security ‘feature’ that prevents certain data from being read by any another system but the one that burned it? If that is so, my backup CDs would be useless in the event I bought a new system and tried to restore the data files onto it, yes?

Any help solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated,


It looks like the problem lies in a program I put on the CD I burned, which although freeware, is only accessible to registered users of a particular shareware product.


Thanx for letting us know SteveVag … oh, and welcome to our forum :slight_smile: