[Nero5.5.10.15] ISO Level 2 used - playback in dvd player possible?

I used several guides found on the net, all saying the same (i.e. Joliet off, ISO relaxations off, UDF 1.02, physical partition). However, upon checking settings for the last of my five dvd+r’s, I noticed the setting for ISO Level was set to 2, (31 chars), instead of 1 (11+3 chars).

My vobs are not renamed, and all comply to ISO level 1, since they are ripped off the original disks (yes, I DO own these) and splitted upon two disks with DVDFab. Eventhough, I am concerned the burnt dvd+r’s will not play (since I am making a few backups for myself and one for a birthday, I want to be sure, giving someone a disk that does not work generally does not make good impression and so on ;)), because of the ISO Level beiing set to two. Thusfar, I was unable to find any information concerning this problem on the net, and I was hoping anyone here might be able to state whether this mistake makes any difference.

The filenames are definitively not too long, I’m sure of that. The disks DO play in my brothers pc with PowerDVD - as expected, a pc does not have any problems coping with ISO Level 2. The manual of the person’s dvd player states nothing about required iso levels for dvd+r playback.