I just got my first writer. yamaha 3200E. Also installed Nero with the latest update. I would like to know how (if possible) to use the Audio mastering feature of my drive while creating an Audio cd from existing mp3 files on my Computer. Is it possible. Please help.

I’ve used EAC (with LAME) to convert MP3s back into WAV files, then just use EAC to burn the disk.

EAC is fine. I use it too along with lame. But still my query is about using the Audio Mastering feature. I need to know if it Makes any difference to the file quality.

What exactly IS the Audio mastering feature of Nero??
Any advantages ??

Compile your Audio CD as usual, but remember you will only get 63 minutes on a 74 and 68 on an 80 minute disc.

If you use the wizard the slider at the bottom of the screen should automatically re-size to take into account the reduced space on the CD providng you select the Audio Master recording method from the outset.

Audio Master will only be available in the drop down box when you select 4x as the writing velocity which is probably why you haven’t seen it so far (although this is described in the manual).

The difference in quality is subjective, but I have evidence to suggest that some problematic players work better with CD-R’s mastered with this method. Whether or not you will ever notice a difference with material that has been previosuly compressed and otherwise mashed by an MP3 encoder first is doubtful IMO.


Most blank tests I’ve seen claim 4X recording is by far the worst when it comes to errors. Higher works better. To play properly in my ancient Pioneer home deck I have to use 8x, if I go higher the disks are very sensitive to slight smudges.