Is there anyone out there who can answer the question as to why nero 9 is so damnably slow? I do not want to mess around with registry keys and incomprehensible solutions. i don’t want to dive in murky waters because i might get bitten by a shark. All i need is an answer to why this program, on which i must add i have spent a lot of money, is so slow and so erratic, and whether the problem can be fixed. If it cant will someone please inform me of other progams which are available and can do the job much easier?


You can’t expect such a software monster (is the latest version now able to make coffee?) being fast. For plain burning, the free ImgBurn is very recommended. :slight_smile:


Agree totally linogatt!! I have the full version of Nero and it’s painful!

For quick conversion and burn to DVD (as a DVD) try ConvertToDVD.

It’s so quick and reliable.

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