The Nero that i recieved with my lite on drive, does not work, i cannot burn a cd with nero, is there a good free software out there to burn? Or if anyone knows how i can get nero working, that would be awesome.

We’ll need a bit more info :slight_smile:

What errors, if any, do you get from Nero? What OS are you using?

What brand of CDRs? Does it burn DVD-R/+R successully?

No errors, it in fact goes through the whole burn process, but nothing is written to the cd, and it is blank when i take it out. Im using Verbatim discs 16x. I used a cheap cheap free software to burn a dvd and it worked. So I am looking for some good free burning software.

Strange. Glad you were able to pin it down to Nero though.

Some free software:

For data: CDBurnerXP Pro

For audio CDs from music files: Burrrn

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

just what i was looking for, whats the best out of those for data?

I’d probably say ImgBurn in “build” mode (to build an ISO of the data you want to burn), or CDBurnerXP Pro.

Have a play with both and see which one suits you best.

unfortunatley when i try to install that CDBurnerXP Pro, it cant finish installation, something to do with my, “my pictures” folder having an invalid character. Which it doesnt.

Just trying to back up my data.

Try DeepBurner then. Only problem I found with that is that it doesn’t do disc-to-disc copies, but it’s good for backing up stuff.

whats this building up of an iso you spoke of though?

If you use ImgBurn in Build mode (select from the Mode drop down menu), you can add files and it will build an ISO of them.

I don’t often do it, so can’t remember the exact method, but it’s pretty straightforward IIRC.

Then once your ISO is built, switch to Write mode and burn the ISO.

Do you have Nero set for simulate burn?

what ever it was when i got it and installed it.

man, what the heck…

ok, so it DOES burn now, but after i burn the cd… it fails to recognize that there is anything on it on that drive, unless i use isobuster, and i didnt creat an ISO or do ANYTHING special. So i put the disc in my other DVD drive, says theres nothing there, both on iso buster and outside of it. Theres are Verbatim discs, im a little confused as to whats going on, and yes… you can see the data written on the cd, if you take it out and look at it.

edit, i used deepburner

edit 2, i can see all the files on the cd if i put it into THAT drive, but only in IsoBuster, from my computer it says, used space 0, free space 0, and i can open the drive and it doesnt say that its a blank cd, it just shows absolutley nothing.

edit 3, under drive properties, i selected 16x write speed, since these discs are 16x.

ok, ends up, deep burner said the cd was done before it was done, it didnt finish it or had some kind of error, unfortunatley there is no log sheet, and even more unfortunate, is now im worried about my data, i ended up burning one successfully after it, but still.

ps. these verbatim discs scratch easy.

also is it supposed to take 40-50 seconds before it starts burning, before the buffer starts?

ps. i keep getting burn errors :frowning: the buffer goes down real low and then… error

it says Write Error - Medium Error - Write Error

im wasting alot of cds

Any suggesstions, sorry for the many posts.

OK…the fact that no software seems to be working for you, might suggest that this isn’t a software problem. Or if it is, there’s some conflict going on somewhere.

BTW, yes the long lead-in time is usual with LiteOn drives. :wink:

Can you run Nero InfoTool, save the output as a text file, and post the contents here?

Might tell us a bit more about your PC, what software you have running etc. :slight_smile:

And for 16x DVDRs, I would burn at 8x or 12x.

Edit: what LiteOn drive are you using? Could be that DMA isn’t enabled.

the new 20x L something

I ended up getting roxio, im going to see if that works.


OK, just to make sure, check the DMA Current Transfer Mode for the controller your burner is on in Device Manager. Should be UDMA4 (see the link in my sig for more detailed instructions).