Hi ive been makin dvds for about a year but recently nero keeps freezing everytime i open it, but when i open it via the all programs tab its fine, that was ok for a while but now there are other options i need to use and i cant find the disc to reinstall please help!
By the way some old skool arcade games, hands up who rembers Pong!!
free arcade games

Which version of Nero are you using? You can probably download a newer version from the net or the address below, just make sure you have your serial number.

I’m currently using Nero v6

What’s the benefit of Version 7 & is it free?

Nero 7 is not free, but you may be able to update your Nero 6 version—, depending on which one you have.

If you are doing basic burning job there is no that much benifit and you can stay with your Nero 6 that you have feeling how is it work.

Not going further that might be best as the 6.6.1.n versions use much more memory when burning.