hi. got a small problem with my nero express looking for some help…every tine i go to make a dvd video then to add files i get a message back from nero saying the memory could not be “read”…any one any ideas thanks!!! :sad:

With what little info you have given all I can do is let you know what I think you are probably doing wrong.
When you “Add Files” (see picture below) just single click on the Video_TS folder, don’t open it. Don’t do anything with the Audio _TS folder ( it’s empty anyway).
Click “Add” then “Finished”. If you are using DVD video files this should work.

even better forget nero and use freeware imgburn.

I agree, burning an ISO file with ImgBurn couldn’t be any easier. :wink:

sorry for the little inf0 but its nero v express im useing not ordinary nero. once i pick the clip i want to add to burn to dvd it just keeps coming up memory could noy be read ther is no video ts or audio ts option