What nero do i use to burn movies from avi to dvd because i have nero express and i can’t figure it out can anyone help me…


You need to use NeroVision. It is referred to as a “DVD authoring” application. What you are making is a DVD-Video disc (playable on set-top DVD players).


While Nero Vision Express can make video DVD’s, the quality is not very good. If that is acceptable, then go for it. If not, check out, and read the guides, tutorials, and forums for how to create quality dvd videos.


thanx, i tryed it and it sucked i think i might just go out and by one…


It has been a while since I last used NeroVision, but I recall its default quality setting as “medium” (or something like that). What it means is a fairly low bitrate (heavy compression), which leads to poor quality. I remember adjusting the setting to “best” or “low compression” (or something like that), and the result was OK. Not great, but wasn’t terrible.

Also, don’t put more than 2 hours of video on a single layer 4.7GB DVD disc. The DVD-Video discs of Hollywood movies have more than 2 hours and still look good because they are usually double layer 8.5GB discs. Newer consumer burners can do this, but the only reliable media is the Verbatim DVD+R DL.

As for the audio, go with Dolby Digital (AC3). Linear PCM takes up too much space. MPEG-audio is poor quality.

There are many good applications out there for video editing and/or DVD authoring. I like Adobe Premiere Elements. If you get serious, you can easily move up to Adobe Premiere Pro. Both of these (and many others) have built-in encoders. However, in my opinion, the best software MPEG2 encoder is CinemaCraft. The basic version is only US$58, and it has the best combination of quality and speed.


I have Nero 7 Ultra. I get better results by [B]ripping[/B] the DVD to the hard drive and then burning the blank DVD from there. I do it with Nero Recode, which is one of the many applications included in Nero 7. I don’t know about the previous edition. The results are excellent so far.