after installing the recommened updates for my version of nero ( recommened by nero ) , both of my rom,s fail to play my dvd backups .
it is as if the updates have changed the drive speed for my backups .
the originals work fine .
before i installed the updates nero worked ok .

can anyone advise me on this ???


What updates have you installed ?
What’s your Nero version (before and after) ?

What media are your Backups on ? -R/RW +R/RW RAM ??

Are your Backups just Data ? – or Movies/Games/ Music?

Finally - did you use InCD to make the Backups ? “Packet writing” (UDF File system ?)


i went from basic nero 6 , to nero .
my backups are on -E/RW .
my backups are movies .
and no i didn,t use InCD , I used NVE 2 .