Nero Xpress 3 problem

Hi Folks, I was wondering if someone could help me??? I’m new to this burning game and I’m having a problem with Nero Xpress 3. I have edited some footage from my video camera, which comes to just under 2 hours long with fades etc… I also have a picture slide show with music and two menus. When I set the quality to long play all of it fits onto one DVD disc, however when I burn it I get an error every time right at the end saying “you exceeded the VOBU’s”. I have also tried just a dvd slide show, and I got the error “could not finalise” and also tried a VCD slide show on a different burner and it also didn’t work!

I’ve come this far and dont want to give up, so if anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated.


It seems you are burning a complex and voluminous disc, where the allowed number of VOBUs has been exceeded. Anyway the error message should come before burning starts therefore to get a hint of the reason the NeroVisionLog.txt file is needed. It is created in the Windows ‘Application Data’ folder of current user (e.g. “C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\Ahead\NeroVision”). Please save the file immediatelly after burning and before new project is created else it will be overwritten.