Nero X264 AAC with 2 audio streams to DVD



I’m trying to convert a file created in Nero as an X264 file with AAC that has 2 audio streams to a single audio stream DVD. I need to use the second audio stream but Nero will only allow me to drag the 1st audio track into the file.

I have tried Canopus Procoder but get a QT General error.

I have tried DIVX Author but it sees the file as having only 1 audio stream and overlays the 2 audio streams into 1 new audio stream.

How do I proceed?


Try the Mainconcept H-264 encoder…


Thanks for the response but I’m afraid Mainconcept didn’t help. However, I have found an imperfect solution.

I can extract the Audio using Canopus.
I can encode the Video using Nero and set the volume on the track to zero. I can also attach the extracted Audio file to the Video file in Nero. I can then output as DivX and use ConvertXtoDVD to create the DVD.

Quite a lot of work with quality loss but at least it works.


Or you could just use VDMod and disable the track you do not want from the streamlist. Then direct stream copy the video, save with one audio track you want to keep, etc…