Nero writing hangs when other app is accessing the drive


There’s something really annoying happening with my Nero (6 and 7, have tested both). During a burn, everytime I access the burning drive from other application (like total commander, itunes, and so on) the burning stops (it enters the burn proof mode, the led turns from red to amber - liteon drive), and it does not move forward until i kill the respective app (i say kill because it locks up, it cannot be used anymore, beside hanging up the burning). After I kill that app, the buffer reverts to 98-99%, the burning resumes, everything is ok.

Of course, if I use total commander, I can leave the writing go on without accessing the burning drive, but for iTunes, it seems it always looks for the drive and thus it hangs the writing (until killed). Is there any way to prevent applications to access the burning drives (some kind of “lock”)? (for example, in explorer, if during the writing i access the drive, it just asks for a cd, just like when the unit is empty).

or is this normal and there is no way to prevent it ?


Most people here would advise against doing much else on the PC while you’re burning.

This is basically sound advice but I do do other things but NOTHING that could possibly access the burner.

Image burning apps like DVD Decrypter & ImgBurn will lock the drive but the advice must still be to avoid such apps that access the burner.

I try not to do anything on my PC whilst burning, apart from some light browsing, but that’s simply because my PC isn’t the fastest (P4 1.4gig).

If I were you, I’d do like TimC, and try not to use any proggy that accesses the burner while it’s doing its job.


I normally do, but I want to listen to music in the meantime (during the cd burning process). And I wanted also to give a chance to itunes. Guess I’m back to winamp :slight_smile:


There’s no good reason why this should happen. I suspect either a hardware issue or a driver problem. I multitask while burning all the time, burn from different processes at the same time, and basically do anything you can think of while burning.

Suggest you look at the Nero logs to see if an errors are showing. How is this system configured? Are hard drives sharing with optical? Do you have any other drivers installed, like InCD or external storage devices?

I don’t have external storage devices, no InCD or any packet writing software, the dvdwriter is shared with a harddrive (which harddrive is part of a mirrored raid array). Could there be an ASPI drivers problem ?
It is strange that sometimes it so happens to work flawlessly (during the writing, i can use itunes or even access the drive with total commander, the writing process goes on uninterrupted, and after a couple of seconds, total commander fires an “no disc” error). Could it be related to the order used to start programs ? (maybe i have to close itunes before running Nero?).
In the nero option I couldn’t find anything related to this “drive-locking” stuff.

This issue doesn’t have anything to do with Nero. Nero is freezing becaus the drive has dropped out for some reason. Hard drive on the same channel is a possible cause, bad hard drive or driver conflicts. ASPI is not involved with Nero burning (Nero has it’s own).

Start by moving the drive off the HD channel.

I moved it, I didn’t have time to test, but right now I’m burning a cd and everything works smoothly. It did before sometimes, so I don’t know if this fixed it, but when I will find out more, good or bad, I will post here.