Nero write simulation on +R media disabled

i want to simulate a burning process on an 8x +R media, but in nero, the option is disabled, while with 4X -R media, it is enabled…

why is it not possible to simulate writing?

i tried to simulate a 4X burn, (1.5 GB), nero reported 3:30 minutes, at about 2:30 minutes the computer stopped responding, blocked, mouse not moving… i had to reboot…

It is only possible -R media.
Why? That is an answer for the experts.
Maybe it is because +R is a superior format! :smiley:

And why did nero block the computer while simulating -R writing?
is simulation blocks, then real burning will block too.

now i will not burn any DVD untill i know why did it block, and if it will repext it on +R media…

playing DVD is ok, and burning CD-R and CD-RW all went ok.