Nero write method


I’m trying to burn a DVD data disk using the latest nero burning rom but for some reason the write method is not selectable with any DVD media I have tried. I’m using a LG 4163B with the latest firmware and would appreciate an help on this issue. I have attached a pic to better explain what I mean.

Thanks for your time.

Disk at Once (DAO) is the only method used when burning DVDs - it cant be any other way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. The reason I asked is that I’ve tried creating a multisession data DVD and I keep getting this warning pop up before it starts writing. Does anyone know why this is?

Just tick the "never show… box. Multisession with DVDs does seem to be problematic for many, not all readers do read the outcome all the time. Nero just warns you about it.

Is this problem with multisession DVDs something that is not specific to any brand of disc, DVD burner and/or write program like nero?

What I’m mainly tyring to do is save some of my documents which are in very large size folders that get updated often with new files along with the current files that are also modified. Would creating multisession DVDs be the best method or is there a better way?

I would say use a DVD/RW then, Once you have updated the file just do a quick wipe and reburn the files. Once in a while you could to a full wipe to keep the disk working.


I do use DVDRWs for some of the things I need to backup but in this case it would just take me too long. I need a separate disc for these specific folders and in total there are about 10 (and growing). Therefore if I had to rewrite 10 discs every few days to update them with the new files added it would take hours.

How bout using a faster speed RW. Like this one.


Have You considered InCD? I use it all the time and it works quite well for me but others have problems with it so I would do some testing with it first.

Do You need to keep the past folders archived? You could wrap them in a folder with the archive date as a name.

I’m not sure if this would work with image & video files but when I was coding I used an app called Virtual Source Safe that would save difference files. You could then recreate Your saved data from any date, any session & it was all kept in a nice database, it was small as it kept only the differences in existing files and added new files in their entirety. don’t know what it cost though, just a thought.

Thanks for the replies guys, I will look into it a bit more. I’ll also look into DVD RAM cause my LG burner supports this also. :slight_smile:

Like Geezah recomended, incd (or other similar packet writing software) might be a good solution. It will allow you to use a rw like a giant floppy disk. A couple of warnings though. Packet writing software’s tend to take control of the drive (constantlly checking to see if you have inserted a compatible disk. Thats why they conflict with other software. You can generally just disable it when you are trying to use your drive for other things. Also, use good quality media and maybe even make a double backup. I got burned because I was trying to move some files using incd and it screwed up and corupted them all (I think because I was trying to move them rather than copy and if nesasary delete the originals after they copied). It works pretty well if it doesn’t cause conflicts though.

Hey Ripit,

If You need to recover that data (been there!) Try ISO Buster. I have pretty good luck with the packet writing stuff but it has hosed up a couple of discs on me. You have to pay to get it to extract files, but it lets You read and identifiy files for free so You get to see if You have a good chance before you shell out the $$$$. Does a bunch of other stuff as well & it’s about $20 - $25 I think.