Nero "write error" with overburn




i get a “write Error” (key_medium_error)
while overburning (715mb) with
my new cdrw (teac 52x or liteon 52x7s).

with my old teac 12x all ok.

what do you think?
i try different media or speed
(i also posto into Liteon forum).

thank you


Since your disc is readable, this “error” reported is probably due to overburning at 52x compared to 12x with your TEAC.

The overburning procedure is probably proceeding so fast that it hits the end of the lead-out before the successful burn is recognized. Running a check for C1 and C2 errors with one of the Liteon utilities will confirm that the disc is a good copy.

If this “error” bothers you, reducing the burn speed may be all that is necessary to remove the reporting of the error.


thank you, but I tried to slow down burn to 12x too.
I tried other media.

Same result.

I will try for C1/C2 error as you said.

But any other people has my problem?