Nero worked on old PC, doesn't on new PC



Hi everyone, I’m new here, hope someone can help. I looked thru the first 5 pages of search results on “Nero” search term and didn’t see anything like this.

My old PC had Athlon XP, Abit mobo, Windows 2000, Plextor 716A DVDRW/CDRW, and Nero v.6. I bought the basic v.6 from the Nero site and later upgraded to Ultra Edition 6.6.

And it always worked perfectly! I could burn data discs, DVDs, data CDs, audio CDs etc…

Now I’ve upgraded the hardware to Athlon 64 x2, 4GB RAM, etc., with the same Plextor drive, and now Windows XP SP2. Yesterday installed Nero 6 (the basic, pre-upgrade version), - now all my discs are coasters.

Here’s more detail, and what I’ve done or found out to narrow down the problem:

  • DVDs made with Nero Vision Express burn correctly according to Nero (success message at the end), but a standard player ejects it as soon as it tries to read it.

  • Audio CDs made with Burning ROM will play but have a lot of noise and distortion.

  • The tracks that the CDs are made from are fine when played from the hard drive with Winamp or other player, and the files that go into the DVDs are perfect when played with VLC.

  • The standalone DVD and CD players are fine with other discs, made previously with Nero or commercially pressed.

  • The Plextor drive reads CDs and DVDs just fine as usual, and it always burned perfectly before the new installation.

  • I remembered something about “ASPI layer” and did a search and found a how-to recommmending Adaptec ASPI. So I ran the “check” utility and it said there was no ASPI installed. So I installed the Adaptec ASPI, and it said that it succeeded (the checker now shows it installed), but results have not changed.

I really would like to get this working - any ideas appreciated!


Try going to Nero and getting there uninstall tool.
Use it and then reinstall and see if you have the
same problems…
You could also try another version to see if you
have the same probs.
Also check choose custom
to see if there are any hardware updates for you.