Nero Won't Recognize Blank DVD

I’ve used Nero 14 before and never had a problem. I had it on my old laptop running Windows 7 and everything was fine. I wanted to burn a movie today and installed Nero 14 on my new laptop, Lenovo Y50 running Windows 10. I have an external, portable DVD writer, which is a Samsung Portable DVD Writer Model SE-218GN. I put in a blank Sony DVD-R and the computer recognizes it and there’s no problem. I can burn to the DVD with other software without issue. When I try to burn in Nero Video, it asks me to put in a blank DVD but I already have one in the drive. I eject the DVD and try another one and still get the same message. I even tried different DVD brands and continue to get the same error. I just want to burn a movie and I don’t know why I’m having issues. I’m a computer tech and know all the standard ways to troubleshoot things but nothing has worked. I already checked the drivers and firmware for the DVD writer and everything is up-to-date. After some Googling, I found many other people have had this problem. I don’t know why Nero isn’t letting burn all of the sudden when I can burn with other programs on this computer. I know it’s not the DVD drive so please don’t suggest that. Anyone have any advice or tips?

Welcome to the forums BlueBulldog.

I don’t really have any help for you with Nero. I quit using it back at Nero 6 or so, and have used ImgBurn ever since with no issues. But I didn’t want you to think you were being ignored. Most of the regulars here simply don’t use Nero anymore.

It looks like your laptop doesn’t come with an internal drive, and can use optical drives through USB only. Since Nero is asking for a disc, it can obviously find the drive, but cannot confirm the disc is present. And since other software is not having issues, this sounds like a problem within Nero entirely, and cannot be solved by adjusting settings in the operating system, or by hardware changes.

You’ve tried other discs, but do you know for certain that they use different mid codes? I would advise using Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim AZO DVD’s. Have you tried burning a CD?

If the other software works correctly, is there any overwhelming reason to use Nero? Most of us have answered that question with a resounding no for many years now.

On rare occasion I’ve had problems burning DVDs using Nero, and I just use ImgBurn (a free download) instead in those instances.

what’s your special interest in Nero when other software work flawless for ya?

Just toss that bloatware into the trash and forget it!