Nero won't load



Nero will NOT load under my machine. 5.0 (bundled with burner) used to work sporadically, but 5.5 will not work at all.

Every time I try to run it, it says that the file has been modified and may be infected with a virus. I checked the obvious things, (ie, a virus, hard drive corruption, even running from the CD) and nothing happens.

Feurio also has CRC checking, and is now sold by Ahead, and that runs fine with no problems. This program occurs no matter what devices I use.

I have also tried various IDE drivers, VIA drivers, BIOS settings, and the like.

I'm running an AMD Tbird 1333 / Abit KT7A / 512Mb Kingmax SDRAM / Sony CRX1611E / Lite-On LTD163D / SB Live 5.1 / Asus Geforce 2 Ultra.

Any suggestions?


Are you running antivirus software in realtime mode? Does it/did it inoculate files? If so, you may need to update the inoculation. Or try disabling the AV software altogether when trying to run Nero and see what happens.