NERO won't let me burn :(



Every time I try to burn a movie (CD & DVD) it gets a lot larger then it really is. I have tested a lot of diffrent movies and tried to reinstall NERO severall times. I have even downloaded newer versions. But it still doesn’t work. Does anyone know what I should do? Please help me…


Try to do these :

  1. make sure your drive burner/HD are both in DMA positions
  2. try to emty your temp files from temp directory
  3. try to defrag your hard drive


I don’t know so very much about computers so if you could explain it a little more it would be nice. I’m also from Sweden so my understanding of english isn’t the best. But if you would explain how I do what you wrote I’m sure I will manage to understand. Thanks anyway


Answer to 1) make sure your drive burner/HD are both in DMA positions:

  • go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager then Find IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and press + next to it , so the list expands.
    Then right click on Primary or Secondary Channel and choose PROPERTIES, and then choose ADVANCED PROPERTIES. Check DMA if available. That’s it, and reboot!
  1. try to emty your temp files from temp directory:
    Check the windows/Temp directory, open it Select all files and delete it!

  2. try to defrag your hard drive:

That’s it!


I’ve done everything you thought I should do to make it work but it’s still not working. Thank you anyway.


Thank you for taking your time and explaining to poster in more detail.

Apexgeneralen; in this case you might want to consider reformatting your hard drive and install everything from fresh start may be that would be solution to your problem.


@TCAS: That’s why we are here, to help each other, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Most downloaded movie files are in avi format which means that Nero (Vision Express?) is probably converting them to DVD movie format and so the size is going to be much larger.


What excatly method of recording of avi do you want to do?
Most avi’s (black-scene releases) are larger than 700Mb (710max), and you can only burn selected avi to DVD media, 'cause it’s a bit larger than capacity of CD. Also, you cannot burn it like DVD Movie, just like ordinary DATA (ISO related) CD/DVD… Is it your answer?