Nero Wont Disc Copy or Create New Audio Disc

I’m trying to back-up 2 Miles Davis CDs.
Miles Davis - Decoy (CBS Inc.)
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (2CD Set) (Columbia/Sony)

I believe these discs predate Sony’s wierd protection that requires you to hold down the shift key when iserting the CD tray.

The CBS disc is read forever.
If I hold the shift key down forever, I can eventually explore the CD.
Sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to reboot.

Nero will not do a disc copy.
After selecting disc copy and clicking new to start, it never starts.

I CAN’T create a new audio CD with Nero.
When I drag the *.cda files over, they are never extracted.

I CAN use CDex to extract most of the songs to *.wav files.
However, the disc rotates at top speed.
It sounds faster than ever and makes a loud hum.
I can feel a vibration and think perhaps the CD wobbles…maybe, maybe not.
There are 7 songs on the disc.
The disc is scratched and prevents me from extracting songs 5 and 6.

I can use Cool Edit Pro to play/record songs 5 and 6.
I can then use NERO to burn extracted songs 1-4 & 7 and recorded songs 5 & 6.

The Columbia/Sony disc oddly enough does NOT require me to hold down the shift key.
It does have the same problem with NERO.
Nero Wont make a disc copy or extract to create a new audio disc.
I haven’t tried CDex or Cool Edit Pro with this disc yet.

Could something have loaded on my computer from a disc that would preclude me from disc copying and/or creating a new audio CD by dragging the *.cda files over?


Nero wouldn’t copy or create an audio CD of those 3 Jazz CDs or a Green Day CD.
CloneCD copied all 4 discs.

The discs then played with none of the nonsense I experienced with the originals.

have you tried installing AnyDVD?
then reboot, and insert the disc, then try to rip with something like iTunes or Windows Media Player, then burn the mp3/wma files back using the “Create Audio CD” in nero.

ben :slight_smile:

I have to say that Nero is a pile of shite for copy protected discs, but un-protected discs is flys through. WMP10 seems to deal with a lot of cd audio protections (i think).

These aren’t DVDs.
They’re CDs.
Miles Davis - Decoy
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (2CD)
Green Day - Warning

I could drag *.CDS files over from Green Day - Warning with NERO.

I ended up burning all the CDs with CloneCD.

I wonder if NERO just wont do any CD COPY again.
I’ll have to try some other CDs.

What do you use on copy protected discs?