Nero Wont Burn Dvd

hi guys im having a problem with nero 7 it just wont burn dvds it goes through the encoding process and then just stops .no error message or anything it just wont go further than encoding .can it be my burner? is there any way of checking?

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Post the log file so we can see what’s happening.

TRy to rip a file (Movie Video) in to your hard drive then open ero Burning ROM and try to burn that ripped file from your hard drive and see what happen then report back the result.

am now getting message “not enough space on disc…etc” with a file i’m trying to burn from my hd.File when encoded is 3.3gb on 4.7gb disc.

not getting any log file because process freezes ,ejects the disc and then wont respond other than to cancel

have re-installed after using nero clean tool i’m damn well mystified

That is may be the problem you have to have twice of your movie size free space in your hard drive to have burning smooth process. Try to clean your hard drive and delete un-necessary files in order to free more free space in your hard drive.

18gb free on hd!

See if you have a NeroHistory log file you might post. Take out your serial number. Try to edit out all but the last bad burn attempt, and you will see where each attempt starts if you look at the file with a text editor.