Nero won't burn converted vob files

Right then, new sodding problem. Gave up on trying to burn a compilation dvd and instead have tried to put some vob(?) files onto a disc.

The files were previously off a digital camera and a mobile phone so I had to convert them to vob using xilisoft video converter.

I used NeroStartSmart, Make Your Own Video option. I added the converted vob files to the compilation and after it had done the whole ‘adding files’ bit the compilation window disappeared?!?!

I re-opened StartSmart and this time when I went to ‘create dvd’ I got a pop up saying ‘The application is aleady running’?!

‘The application’ is nowhere to be found. Even pressing ctrl, alt, delete the task manager says nothing about it running? I have to log off then log on again to try again but it says the same thing every time I try it.

Any explanations would be very helpfull!

It just appears that Nero can not put video files from my hard drive onto a dvd so I can play them in my dvd? I do want to make a dvd, not a data disc by the way.

Most annoying Nero seems to offer no reasons why?!

Have you tryied to open vob files with a player like powerdvd?

If files are playable, then you can burn them directly. If nero won’t burn them, open vob files with dvd shrink and save again it as ISO. Then use imgburn (or dvd decrypter) to burn the ISO on a disc.

Files are playable in PowerDVD.

What is ISO?

Would you happen to know a program that can convert files over 5mins in length into vob or some such format that is directly transferrable to dvd?

No doubt version 7.???

ISO is a so-called “Image” file. It contain all files merged in a single big file. There are no particular advantages in using ISO instead of vob files, but imgburn is able to burn only image files.

Loading vob files in dvd shrink you can create output as ISO. Then you can use Imgburn to burn the ISO.

Both shrink and imgburn are free.

Sorry, I don’t know if there is a software that can convert directly in ISO.

Another solution can be uninstalling nero and reinstall it. Maybe something went corrupted, and a reinstallation can solve.

I think you are correct Geno. A search on the net produced many programs. I probably have one or two here right now but would to open them all up to see what they can do. I don’t make many movies so im not that good at it or remember what program does what.

If you want to change your vob files into a iso file use this