Nero won't burn artist and title from Wav's

I use Nero and all of the sudden when I burn a album of wavs converted from Rhapsody wma files I get a CD with Unknown Artist and track numbers. I had it working on my home computer the other night and now no info. I have CD text checked and the track names appear in the window, but the CD when inserted into i-tunes states track numbers. I burned about 4 cds prior and they had all the titles. I can’t figure out what happened. I used RecordNow and got the same thing only when I inserted the CD RecordNow saw the names, WMP and I-tunes only saw track #'s. Any ideas of what happened???

And I may add FLAC files. I used the Nero Plugin, burned and same thing, now when I go to rip the burned CD with Nero the titles show up. What gives that WMP, Explorer and I-tunes won’t recognize the song titles?