NERO with LiteON 52x & BENQ 1620?



I just returned from Circuit City to confirm that the I/O MAGIC 16x burner is a BENQ 1620.

I just thought of this situation which I need some help.

Currently I have a LITE-ON 52x burner that came with NERO and I just saw that the I/O Magic is a BENQ 1620 burner and also comes with NERO OEM suite.

The question is will this NERO OEM suite (What version of NERO is this?) also recognize the Lite-ON 52x burner? As you know NERO makes a version that will ONLY work with a certain burner which brings up the question of 2 conflicting NERO’s looking for their respected burners.

How do I work around this situation?


I’m pretty sure its locked to the burner the software came with. You might want to add nero on your xmas list.


You should be ok. The Liteon 52x has been around a few years and should be on any Nero version.


Are you sure? The OEM version of Nero which came with my Philips 1640 absolutely refused to work with the Plextor Premium drive which it shares the system with… I thought that was the whole point of these OEM Nero versions!

I don’t know what happens when you load two different OEM versions over the top of each other - which I think is this guy’s question - though I suspect the later loaded version will ‘update’ (ie over-write) the older version so that the previous drive no longer functions with Nero! :sad:


i don’t think it will work . You should buy nero or use other recording software