Nero with 40125S hangs under Win2k

I just bought a 40125S (firmware ZS06) and I use it with Nero and CD-Mate. When burning with Nero, sometimes the burner LED switches from red to yellow (I think that means re-calibrating speed) and Nero hangs (progress bar stops and application cannot be terminated). The burner never leaves the ‘yellow’-state until I shutdown Windows 2000 (no ServicePack) or sometimes I even have to hard-reset the computer.

I don’t use 40-speed certified media (only 24x), but I think SMART-Burn should handle that anyway. If I switch to a lower speed, I never saw this behaviour. Nor did CD-Mate ever hang when burning with ‘max-speed’-setting (whatever that means).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

You could probably guess what I’m going to recommend, but here we go:

-Install SP2 for windows 2000
-Upgrade to newest nero
-Upgrade to newest firmware for the writer (ZS0A)

See if that helps.

Sorry that I asked before updating everything, but before I changed to the LiteOn writer, my system ran pretty stable and I just wanted to avoid unnecessary updates. I thought, maybe one of you folks had the same problem and know what’s the reason.

i didnt have that particular problem, but i did have quite a few prolems using windows default ide drivers, all of which dissapeared when i got via 4n1 drivers