Nero & winimage question

i created a ima 1.44 image taked files from a bootable floopy diskete (and yes i have unchecked the option to hide hidden & system files)
i went to nero to CD-ROM (BOOT) so i opend the ima image with it
then i have “enabled expert settings” checked
on kind of emulation : Floopy Emulation 1.44MB
on load segment of sectors )hex) : 07C0
on number of loaded sectors : 1
on platform identifier : intel x86 compatible

so ive tryed to burn it like that cd wasnt bootable
just displayed a message “formatted by winimage” and booted to windows i even tryed to uncheck the expert settings still it was the same i also tryed to change the number of loaded sectors to 4 also didnt worked
should i need to do any other emulation or other load segment of sectors or both?
if you got winimage & nero working let me know what to do

You don’t need WinImage in this case. Just insert the bootable floppy disk in the drive and select the source of bootable data as your floppy disk drive, and Nero will copy the bootable information to the burned disc.