Nero, windows DVD maker etc

Help me please , I’am so lost. I have a Hp slimline -the os is windows vista 1.My pc used to burn just fine,but now I’am having a very peculiar problem . I tried using Windows DVD Maker, (it used to work fine)but now it crashes after a few minutes of encoding.So , I turned off my BCDedit(bcdedit.exe/set {current} nx Alwaysoff. Which is what everyone else online said worked for them. It did not make any difference at all. I do not get any error messages at all, it just crashes. so I checked the windows application logs under view events, and there is nothing there related to my windows DVD maker at all. So I bougt nero,guess what? Same thing is happening. After maybe 5-15 minutes, it crashes again. No error messages there either. Could someone help me please, I’am lost and truly dont know what to do next. If u need any more info just ask. Thank you in advance, it will be so cool if someone out there reads this and knows what the problem is. Have a great day!!!

Depressed .frustrated. and out of answers and my mind:sad:(LOL)

When you say “crash” do you mean your laptop shuts off?

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2292357]When you say “crash” do you mean your laptop shuts off?[/QUOTE]

No ,not a laptop, desktop,and the E: Drive , Which is my DVD-rom.just shuts down my whole computer. Is it possible that my harddrive is ruined already? I 've had it for 3 years, bought it brand new.

If there is any thing else you need to know please tell me ,and I will respond. Thanks in advance!!

Well the first thing I would look into are[B] heat[/B] issues. Encoding is a very cpu intensive process that will quickly raise your temps.

MysticEyes is quite right on this. Look at the heatsink on the cpu, check to see that it is still firmly attached, and if it is clogged up with dust, get a can of compressed air and blow it out. I’d temporarily remove the fan first before blowing the dust out.

How about checking the “advanced” tab/page in “internet explorer” under “security”. There is an option to “allow active content to run in my computer cd’s”. I have found that when that option is selected it can cause the system to crash when trying to do anything with one’s cds. It seems an odd place to look but I had a quite similar experience and that was what the problem was. Hope that helps.