Nero will only burn at 2X

I have a 16X TDK cd-r drive, but whenever i try to burn, nero says ‘can only burn at 2X to current disk’. This is with several different types of media, all of which used to burn normally at 16X… I have tried removing nero and installing various versions of the software, no luck. The drive seems fine, drivespeed gives it normal ratings at around 16X and normal read times. TDK tech support said to uninstall nero and install version on their support website, this did not help. Help please? This is pretty frustrating. And the disks that burn at 2X (audio compilations / cd-copy’s) have been un-playable for the most part. I have tried drive with both DMA and PlO modes, makes no diff, and there is no firmware update that i know of for this model.

When i go into drive properties in WinXP, it only gives 1X and 2X write speed options for the drive… ??? Thanks for any help~


TDK VeloCD 16/10/40XA
Win XP Pro with SP1

Try uninstalling the drive from device manager and lt the OS redect it and reinstall it
You can also try a fresh install of the newest Nero version, uninstall the current one, delete any remaining registry files related to Nero, and reinstall it.

Ok… I searched in the registry for ‘nero’ and deleted all these entries. then removed the software, then re-installed… And i also removed the CD-r drive in WinXP and had it redetect it. Nero was then able to burn a CD normally at 16X, but only that one time, now it has reverted to only burning at 2X. The same thing happens with another burning program i have, so maybe this is an XP-related issue?

Does Nero give you the option to birn @ 16x in the first place or is 2x the only option you get from the drag down speed menu? Do you get a specific error message and when do you get that exactly?

It seems odd that you got it to burn successfully @ 16x the first time but couldnt after that… checking your aspi might help, although Nero doesnt need them (has its own). Disabling XPs native burning proggie might also help.

Ok, i think i may have overlooked a clue. Nero thinks that every CD-R i put in is a CD-RW (in the medium-info window).

Any more ideas?

btw, I re-installed and checked ASPI layer, seems to be fine. also, other burning software (i.e. WinXP, TDK bundled mixMaster) is burning at 2X too. I think the one time i was able to burn at 16X, i had ‘removed’ the drive from device mngr, then rebooted with blank cd-r in the drive during rebooting… ??

THank you very much for your input

I know this post is 18 months old, but I have this EXACT same issue right now with WinXP and my veloCD 32/10/40 drive. Does anybody have any ideas?