Nero will not recognize my LG CD recorder

G’day all, I have recently had the need to reformat my HD and since reinstalling Nero I have had no luck in making it “see” my LG cdrw. Prior to formatting, the program worked great!
I can use the Nero Express that came with my cdrw and burn a .bin file just fine in conjunction with Daemon so I know that my burner is still ok.
I am quite a newb when it comes to installing this stuff so any help would be appreciated. I have run Nero InfoTool and found that SystemASPI is not installed but NeroASPI is installed. Not too sure what this means but someone from DC++ told me to check on this. I have also uninstalled and rebooted my computer to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated!!



hmmm, that is odd, seeing as how nero was fine before. nero doesn’t require system aspi as it has its own aspi, so that is unlikely to be the issue. are you using a new nero express and an old nero burning rom ? could be version conflict

Now that you mention it, I looked at the software from the cdburner and it is ver. and the Nero I am installing is but the strange thing is that this combo was working prior to me formatting and re-installing.
Any other thoughts?



Yes, try another burning app and see if the drive is working ok. deepburner free from for example. other than that you might try uninstalling nero and installing nero 6.

The Nero you’re installing didn’t see my LG either until I updated it to the latest version of 5.5.9.x

I had same problem untill I used the fermware update in thr front padge of site? LG 12X4X8

Thank you to all for the input, I upgraded to ver. 6.x.x and everything is workin’ just fine now!! Thanx again for all and a quick shout out to the folks that host this site…you folks rock!