Nero will not detect cd-r medium



I have Nero version I can go all the way throught the process of burning an audio cd but when I put in the CD-R it keeps telling me I do not have one in. I went to auto-detect and made sure the drive was automatically detecting cd’s but nothing, please help.

TIA :confused:



When you run disc info on the CDR disc, does it report as a blank disc or media not detected?

Also i would suggest updating to (its free from nero):


Hi Mike

“No medium inserted or drive not ready, please try again” is what it says exactly. I have used 4 different discs (from the same brand and batch…Hypermedia cd-r 80 min multi speed) I also have real player and it says the same thing when I try to burn. I am in the process of downloading but would like to know what the issue is. TIA


AFter the update, see if you have the same problem. If you do, then it may be because your drive is not able to record to the khypermedia discs. I would try to return them and stick with brands that work with your drive.