Nero will not burn 8x after speedhack

I have a lite-on 812s speedhacked to burn -r 4x at 8x.

nero will not burn above 4x.

dvd decrypter and dvdshrink will burn at 8x.

is there any way to get nero to burn at 8x. nero
512 ram
40gb harddisc
166 ghz
xp pro sp1
AMD 2000+xp

any help with this problem please.


I have worked it out (I think)
open nero choose recorder
options (there is no smart burn) But there is DVD high compatibility mode (at least 1GB will be written) I removed the tick from that box, ran a simulation, simulation said write speed 8x but I think it was 7.8x. it took 9min 13sec to simulate 4466mb.
hope it works when i do a burn.