Nero Will Copy Cd-r, Windows Will Not Read Cd-r

I have recieved a cd-r that i cannot read at all (i click on the drive its located in(windows explorer) and it just comes up blank)( i have3 drives,dvr-ao7 pioneer dvd-rw+rw, aopen 12x dvd-rom and a LG cdr-rw gce 8523b
I can copy it using nero and it has no problems making a copy of this disc at all. I just cant read the bloody thing!!!looking at the original versus the copy it is identical in relation to the amount of data burnt(visually on the disc)!!!

I am running WINDOWS XP PRO with SP2 installed!!!
The properties on this disc are approx. 1mb.(according to nero)
I have burnt heaps of discs since installing SP2 and i believe this is not the problem!!!

IF YOU HAVE THE WINNING ANSWER :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Try using clonecd or alcohol120 maybe it’s protected?

Thanx 4 your reply but that is what I have already used!!

sounds like the cd is no good. who burned it ? suggest getting hold of another